Humidity Testing

CMS can perform Humidity Testing that check the effects of high concentrations of humidity and the equipment’s ability to withstand moisture effects. Typically, moisture sensitive devices have issues with this type of testing and require a conformal coat or other type of protection. CMS can perform humidity testing to meet a broad range of aviation and non-aviation specifications, including IEC, MIL-STD, DO-160, SAE, NEBS, ASTM, ISTA, and others.

The main adverse effects to be anticipated are corrosion and change of equipment performance resulting from the absorption of humidity. Areas of review would be:

  • Mechanical (metals)
  • Electrical (conductors and insulators)
  • Chemical (hygroscopic elements)
  • Thermal (insulators)

Test Parameters:

  • Standard (temp 50 degrees C, humidity 95%)
  • Severe (temp 65 degrees C, humidity 95%)
  • External (temp 55 degrees C, humidity 85%)

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Humidity Testing

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