Temperature Testing

CMS performs a wide range of Temperature Testing to determine the effects of temperature on specific equipment as well as condensation that can form as the result of cold temperatures. CMS can perform temperature testing to meet a broad range of aviation and non-aviation specifications, including IEC, MIL-STD, DO-160, SAE, NEBS, ASTM, ISTA, and others.

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  • Operating High Temp (example 55 degrees C or 70 degrees C)
  • Operation Low Temp (-15 degrees C)
  • Short-time Operating Low temp (-40 degrees)
  • Short-time Operating High (70 degrees C to 85 degrees C)
  • Loss of Cooling (30o C to 45 degrees C)
  • Ground Survival Low Temp (-55 degrees C)
  • Ground Survival High Temp (85 degrees C)
Temperature Testing

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